About CrossFit Zen

Who Are We?

We want to create a world filled with powerful, resilient humans who feel good, have strong relationships, and love life.

As CrossFitters, we’ve seen how important community and belonging are to health and
wellbeing. We’re better when we work together.


We push each other, support each other.

Marcos Albornoz

Head Coach

"I Believe in Bone-Deep Goals.

I want to live in a world where people set goals based on how they want to feel and what they want to do with their bodies, not how they want to look. So much of fitness is a sales pitch of beauty and sexiness, with the sole strategy of making people feel “not enough” so they’ll be triggered to get to the gym and fix themselves.

We can help people see beyond the goals they think they want and help them get clear on what it is they truly want from fitness and life."

—  Mathou Houlet

“So far marcos is the best coach i ever had... So talented and passionate about crossfit... He will make you grow as an athlete. Definitely recommend”


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