CrossFit Classes


Classes are varied and fun, and we have a welcoming and encouraging culture in our club. There is something for everyone: strength, balance, cardio, power, agility…


If you love lifting heavy or getting your heart racing, our crossfit classes will be challenging and rewarding. You will acquire new skills and forge a new level of fitness. Crossfit is about getting fit across all fitness metrics, and we can scale any exercise to your current abilities.


If you ever wondered about trying a class, what do you have to lose? Come give us a visit and see what CFZ is all about. Please come a few minutes early to meet your coach and tour the gym!


Class Timetable

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Join CrossFit Zen!

—  Laverne Kruger

“Markos is amazing as a coach and person. I highly recommend this gym.

All the best with the new project Markos!”