Celebrate the small wins

It’s been a heck of an April so far!!!

Yes, it’s looked different working out inside rather than surrounded by friends to celebrate all our wins together.

Yes, Zoom calls are amazing and how great is it that we are living in a time with technology that allows us to connect like this, but a lack of physical touch is just not the same.

Yes, movement has slowed down more, even for me. And snacks... looking more tempting now more than ever.

It’s easy to get stuck in what we’re missing, in what we’re lacking, and in what we’re not “doing enough of.”


So, here is a little reminder to anyone who needs it (reminding myself as well)

✨Slow down & stop judging yourself

✨Celebrate those wins (no matter how big or small)

✨Take time to truly connect


If you’re quarantined with someone, are you still creating intentional time to connect without Netflix or to have those continued date nights?

If you’re not, are you taking time to FaceTime friends and family? Take a bath, read, journal, connect with YOU?

A win could look like making the bed that morning, calling a friend, going for a walk, cooking a meal, doing a mobility flow, core or the @crossfitzen home wod 😉

Any little gain in times like this is especially important to acknowledge.

What win are you acknowledging this week?

What do you get to celebrate?

And who will you share that celebration with?

Thanks for being a part of some pretty epic wins for me. 😜

Still reminding myself to celebrate

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