Destroy your snooze button addiction

A couple of months back I challenged you to destroy your snooze button addiction…

How did it go? Did you try it? Were you able to skip the snooze button?

Anyways, I realized that there are several things that we still need to talk about. Today I'm going to set the record straight and share my exact morning routine. Feel free to use it however you wish.

As you'll recall, I talked about how high achievers usually have one thing in common: they focus on things they can control.

I encourage you to do the same.

Earlier today I stumbled upon an excellent video of a CrossFit athlete that embodies this EXACT mindset. Instead of fretting over things he can't do, Jerry explains how he approaches his training:

"I guess, I can't do everything everyone else can. But I can do, what I can do... I just try not to worry about the rest of it." -Jerry Lamont Robinson, PhD Candidate at Syracuse University

He focuses on what he can do and that is why he succeeds.

Here's Jerry's story. (Please. Watch. This. Now.)

Seriously, how AWESOME is our community?!


Like I explained one of my favorite ways to take charge of the day is to start every morning with the same exact routine. Each day after the alarm rings I hop out of bed, and then I get out of my room to start the day.

After that, here's my daily morning sequence:

• Drink a glass of water (usually with L-carnitine)

• Have a coffee and make one for my wife

• Prepare a coffee to take with me to work

• Watch some news

• Open the gym

• Foam roll and stretch

• Coach morning classes

• Have breakfast at home

Thankfully, this routine has now become automatic. Every morning I can go through this sequence without too much effort. By the time I sit down to write and/or read for 30 minutes, I feel energized, mobile, and ready to take on the day.

Also, planning my day ahead of time helps me prioritize important tasks and make sure I find a way to get them done. There's nothing worse than feeling like you've wasted a day trying to appease other people's schedules.

Sometimes I comments like "Wow, Marcos, this sounds pretty robotic. I'm more of a free spirit so I don't need this kind of structure."

If that's true, then fine. No problem.

However ask yourself: are you really free, or are you chained to your electronic devices? Are you simply unwilling to be disciplined and conscious of your time?

Are you waking up energized and ready to take on the day? Or do you roll over, look at your phone, then scroll through Instagram, scroll through Facebook, scroll, scroll, scroll…?

"But, in fact, discipline is the pathway to freedom." - Jocko Willink in his book Extreme Ownership

I'm convinced that when you start "winning" your mornings you'll also find extra time to do things like practice your double under, unleash your HSPU, and develop more skills that take some time to master Your newfound discipline will start a chain reaction of positive change.

So, when you're ready to start utilising your time wisely - CrossFit Zen is ready to get you results!

I'm honoured to have the opportunity to create programs to help you reach new levels of fitness! Thank you for continuing to spread the word :)

- Coach Marcos

P.S. - Good news for everyone who's been “thinking” in starting CrossFit training, we are giving 20% off on the unlimited membership until the end of 2020. Hurry and join us soon!

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