When I started as a personal trainer, I didn’t really like working out by myself.

It was so boring.

Luckily, my first year in Auckland, I ran into one of my friends and she tells me, "I’ve started this new workout routine - it’s called CrossFit. It’s a mix of everything: running, lifting heavy, crazy pull-ups.

And I know you’ll like this part - you can see how people your age and your weight do in each workout."

I always loved competing. So, I tried my first workout, Grace.

Afterwards, I looked at the scores of people that were my age and weight.

I thought, "Oh my gosh, they crushed me."

I HATED losing. So, naturally, I kept doing CrossFit.

But avoided my weaknesses like the plague. If a workout had movements I didn’t like, I would just "modify" them."

Wallballs? "I don’t like it."

Double unders? "No, I don’t know how to do those."

Overhead squats?" "No, they're too complicated."

But then, a CrossFit gym opened up like two minutes away from my flat.

I remember walking in one day and the coach tells me, "Hey, you're doing double unders, snatches and wallballs.”

I was like, "What! I hate all of those things."

But that’s when I started getting good. Because these coaches were AWESOME.

They really took the time to explain the movements to you step by step. The classes were small, and there weren’t too many newbies (other than us).

So I got tons of feedback.

All of a sudden, things just started clicking. All my lifts started going up. All my technique improved.

For example, I used to hate double unders.

But the first workout where I strung them together, I broke through that frustration. I thought, "I can do double unders now. And I freaking love them."

It was so satisfying.

It was like, "Oh wow, this is what real coaching looks like. This is how you really develop."

After that, I was completely hooked.

I eventually became a coach, and later on opened up my own box.

So, when I talk about being frustrated with specific CrossFit movements, you should know - I've been there. I get it.

Plus, I wanted to set the stage to ask you to come and workout with us at CrossFit Zen, we have a beautiful community and awesome coaches.

And it will help you feel the satisfaction of conquering movements that you're struggling with.

Just like I did all those years ago.

Coach Marcos


P.S. - I'm curious. How did you get into CrossFit? What made you stick around?

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