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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

"During crisis, there is opportunity." I sincerely hope that, despite all the uncertainty this pandemic is causing, you are able to find those opportunities and take advantage of them.

Life during Coronavirus pandemic is a mix of frustration, anxiety, confusion and fear. Yet you can make the best of the situation completing home projects that were put off for months and years; learn and practice cooking; spend quality face-to-face time with loved ones...

During this crazy time, it's so easy to click refresh on the news over and over, mindlessly scroll, or watch the latest binge-worthy Netflix show. Because... why not? We're stuck at home. Everyone else is doing it! Let's watch every episode in one sitting and start drinking at 11am!

It's easy to feel unmotivated, it's easy to let your goals fade away, it's easy to do easy things...But let's not forget that right now we could be doing something much more beneficial.

Just so you know, we're releasing free at-home workouts (with virtual classes every day) to EVERYONE during Covid-19. There's no need to give us any of your info or opt-in to an email list. That'd be super lame to do right now.

There are no strings attached. There's no catch. watch them 'em and run!

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