There are not too many ways around, no lope holes. If you put less calories than the ones you burn you'll get a skinnier you... Right?

Well, it's not just the calories in calories out that makes for weight loss. It's also what is in those calories and where the come from.

I'll try to keep it as simple as possible here.

Macros: protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Protein helps to maintain muscle while loosing fat and also prevent you from feeling hungry, also helps to control blood sugar and insulin (Im coming back to this a bit later)

Carbs, we need these one to keep our energy levels up, thinking straight and for muscle recovery. They come in two cases: complex and simple. Simple carbs are fruit and vegetables, "good" carbs. complex carbs: bread, baked food (muffins), pasta, crackers, potatoes.Complex carbs are not "bad" per se but don't rely heavily on them and don't have enough of simple ones!

On this not, fats are not the enemy. Fat is a dense source of fuel, about 120 cal per tablespoon!

So here's a point, complex carbs and fats are not bad if we have them at the right time and in the right quantities. Lets say during the first half of the day, because your metabolism is running fast and chances are you'll end up burning them. Or, before your PT sessions!!!

Now, Im not saying have a tablespoon of peanut butter before you come and see me (don't try to find a loophole, remember?) All Im saying is if you are having peanut butter everyday cut it down to no more than one tablespoon and have it earlier in the day.

And Im gonna wrap it real quick, Don't want to overload you with all the info at once, just keep this in mind, your proportions should be roughly 40, 40, 20. This is for every meal, 20% Is the fats. Another good advise, keep those complex carbs on the first half of the day... but if you want to fit on that summer dress, tuxedo, bikini or those new jeans, you'll have to get use to the idea of having those complex carbs only once a week (cheat day).

Hope this bring a bit of light and not more confusion... please comment.

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