Nutrition during a pandemic

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For some of you, reading this post will change your life for the better. For others, reading this will do nothing, and you’ll keep doing things the way you’ve always done. The choice is yours - action vs. inaction. Not too long ago, my relationship with food was terrible. I’d work long hours, hit a tough workout, get burnt out, and then run to the kitchen and eat everything in sight. It was the definition of "binge eating". Some days I’d have ice cream, pizza, and maybe some protein powder in between. I’d be constantly grazing, opening the fridge every 30 minutes. It was all in the name of "I just need calories!" Of course, every once and a while I’d have a salad, some days I’d commit to "eating clean", and some weeks I’d even try "Strict Paleo"…but it would never last. Whichever plan I tried, it would all come crashing down into a pile of proteins bars. My performance suffered. Some days I’d feel great and crush my WOD, others I’d be cramping after the warm-up. Some days you’d see my abs, others i felt “I was getting fluffy..." I had no structure, no plan, and no consistency. Fast forward a few months… everything changed. Now I know exactly what I need to eat, when to eat it, and how much to have. I have a plan that’s easy to follow and it’s given me tremendous results. This lockdown hasn’t been too bad for us, as we saw many of you make progress and even take control of their nutrition. Nutrition is a subject on a lot of people's radars after the past few weeks of working from home with cookies, cocktails - and probably way more carbs and fat than usual. If you're planning to "clean things up" starting, then I want to make sure you don't fall victim to the countless diet fads that are floating around. Instead of trusting your friend who "has a really great supplement", or maybe "saw a great documentary on Netflix" you should trust science. Science wins. Supplements: From "fat burners", "endurance pills", whey protein, creatine, multivitamins, etc. - there are tons of supplements out there. And a lot of them actually don’t make much of a difference if your nutrition is not “clean” to stat with. That’s right. You’re probably flushing lots of hard earned cash down the drain, literally. As you start getting back into the swing of things with level 3 and with level 2 on the horizon, we have some great resources to help you figure out how to shed any unwanted lockdown weight. Not only that, we address a lot of common nutrition myths that are floating around out there and give you the knowledge to answer these questions: What’s more important, calorie or veggie intake? What’s more important, supplements or meal timing? What’s more important, getting my protein before or after my workout? What’s more important, sticking to "Paleo" or eating carbs later in the day? What’s better for performance - protein, carbs, or fat? Now I know exactly how to answer each one of these, and have the results to back it up. I have peace of mind knowing that I’m doing the right things and my body can show it. For the next few days, we are posting some nutrition advice packed with all of the information that helped me completely rebuild my nutrition.

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