Nutrition - it's time to take control

As a coach I realised that a lot of people come to the gym with one goal in mind and that’s weight loss.

Today I want to give you some advice on how to lose weight doing CrossFit.

When it comes to CrossFit weight loss there are a few factors we can talk about.

The psychological approach: many people come to the gym and think that just by simply doing that will cause them to lose a lot of weight. Often times you see a weight loss and then you see a plateau, why is that? You need to understand the simple concept that nutrition, your diet, is the number one factor when it comes to CrossFit weight loss, not just doing metcoms and sweating you’re *ss off, you need to focus on nutrition and your diet because that will actually cause TRUE long term weight loss.

I’ll give a little example, imagine you are eating what you currently eat and you want to lose some weight, you could do 20 minutes of intense burpees and burn 300 calories if you are lucky, 20 minutes!!!! You and I know that is hard work! As much as I love burpees that sounds terrible. So, imagine it comes down to 20 minutes of burpees or reducing your current 2 scoops of ice cream to one scoop of ice-cream…which one sound easier to do?

Essentially what we are talking right here is the rule of calories in and calories out: if you are eating fewer calories that you need then you’ll lose weight. You’ll notice when you start exercising you lose a bit of fat, your body composition improve and then plateau. This is actually very common, and it will happen naturally without paying to much attention to our nutrition but at some point we will notice our weight loss stops. At that point generally more exercising is not the answer, the answer is caloric restriction.

Think about working out no as method of controlling calories but more as a way to deliver the stimulus that your body need to adapt, and nutrition is what is fuelling your body with what it needs to be able to do that. Then when you get the right about of nutrients and the right amount of exercise you will lose body fat.

What this means is when you reach that plateau, instead of working out harder and working out longer, running the risk of injure yourself or getting sick because your immune system weakens. Instead, think perhaps is time to focus more closely on what I’m consuming and maybe just tweak that slidely and that will allow me to potentially shred some unwanted body fat.

Here’s a few steps you if you already stuck on your weight loss:

1- Clean up your diet; if you have ice-cream habits or unnecessary snacking you can start cut out that sort of food.

2- Increase your vegetable intake, increase your water intake and increase you fruit intake; many people don’t eat enough and if you are one of those people an make this changes you will find you feel fuller for longer and you end up eating less and craving less snacks.

Now, after making this changes you might find another plateau, then you going to need

3- Count calories; if you are the time of person who tent to eat the same meals over and over again, and you know you are maintaining weight then all you have to do is to reduce your portion size AKA get a smaller plate, that will automatically reduce your calorie intake.

4- Track your meals; MyFitnessPal app is a great tool to track down how many calories your are taking in reduce your total calorie intake to match is your target weight, as easy as that.

The next level:

5- Track your macros!

But that’s something I can talk more in depth in my next nutrition post. Also, I can highly recommend Liz if you need an expert on your side to help you make positive long lasting changes to your nutrition, understanding how your body work and learning, learning a lot about food and how to eat to reach your goals whatever that would be.

In my case performance is very important, I could no wake up 4 am, workout, teach classes training adults and kids, and personal training my clients if my nutrition wasn’t on point. Go ahead and drop a line to or even better come to CrossFit Zen for a free trial to any class Monday to Friday!

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